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Write my academic essay and teach me how to fit in!

If you are determined to become a part of a vibrant college or university life since your first days, you are welcome to continue reading, as our smart writers know for sure not only how to become popular among the students but how to sell yourself as well. However, first, we are about to congratulate you, dear first-year student, on the start of a new scholar year, full of wonderful discoveries and bitter frustrations. You surmounted bravely all the obstacles, passed all the exams, and now your dream has come true: finally, you are a student! Nevertheless, it is not the time to relax, because your careless summer vacation is over. Now you have a new challenge... No, there is still a half a year before the terrible first exams time, you are still a long way from your knowledge test. Nevertheless, you face another difficulty: “How to fit in”?

Moreover, do not think that this is only your problem. Every first-year student who, during the first days of studying, when everything seems to be so strange and unusual, has common classes with people he or she does not know at all, thinks about it. During the very first days of studies, freshmen tend to avoid each other, afraid to make the first contact. Only being a senior student, you start to understand that, in fact, it is as easy as pie to start a conversation, and it is not a big deal for you to make contact with co students. You will definitely remember your first days laughing at yourself, however, it will be later, and now your main goal is to stop stressing 24/7 and join your new college or university “team”.

So far, you are still a freshman who doesn't know how to present yourself properly to new people, to sell yourself, if you want to. That’s why the team of well-experienced specialists will remember its university days to give you a couple of valuable tips.

So, how to fit in being a newbie?

1. People are still judged by appearance. Whether you like it or not, people still judge each other on looks, and sometimes they do it very categorically. And this is a legitimate right of every person, as an appearance reflects the personality, it goes without saying. Probably, you yourself have used the categories of “attractive” and "unattractive" to divide all the co students or, rather, given them the titles “pretty” or “nasty”. This is the psychology of people, and that is why, by the way, the most of schools tend to impose the school uniform to their students What can we conclude from this fact? If you want to make a strong first impression on both your co students and profs, then don’t dress in an aggressive, informal, or messy way. Then, it's high time to remember your night clubs, discos, in general, evening looks never to put on such clothes to the college or university. It is enough just to look attractive so that the others could not feel like guests of a poor fashion show.

First day at the college or university: what to wear?

The worst thing ever is to dress inappropriately. Please, bear this in mind when choosing the outlook for the university. By the way, during the first times, it is better to choose the clothes in advance to avoid the morning rush. Another rule is not to overdress! What is more, we advise you keeping certain details of your own style (even if you prefer emo style but are forced to dress in a formal way, the necklace will look amazing). Such an eclecticism is very welcome. The last thing to mention here is for those, who have not found their style yet (it can be, and there is nothing bad about it!): if you are searching for the right style, pay a close attention to the smart casual style, incredibly popular nowadays (you will find a man’s guide to smart casual on that website as well)!

2. Do not show your bad temper from the first days of study. You shouldn’t come as you are and expect your co students take you as you are. If you are an impulsive person, who was always over-emotional during your school years, then in the first weeks of your student life, you should calm down for God's sake. At first, you should not stand out from the crowd boasting of your bad character features. You understand that the barely familiar people, do not like when someone immediately begins to demonstrate the poor leadership skills.

So, it’s better to stay back during the first college or university days, take a close look at your co students and give them an opportunity to get comfortable in a new place, as not everyone is able to start communicating with new people instantly. Some of your new acquaintances require a certain amount of time for this, and, according to the experts from the site to pay for online essay checking, some of them even need a significant period of time (a month or even more) to start communicating freely. If almost in the first days, you begin to behave like a master of the universe, then, expect a defensive reaction from the co students. Most likely, you will acquire the reputation of an upstart, and, just like in the case of clothes, they will be added you to the blacklist. Do you need it? Of course not!

To cut a long story short, let us emphasize: during the first days at the college or university, take your character under control.

3.  Try to make contact with as many people as possible. In order to get quickly an impressive number of acquaintances during the first days, and only then turn them into friends (maybe!), of course, you need to be able to take the initiative first to make contact with people. As the experts to proofread your essay online have said before, some people are simply afraid to be the first to start the conversation with people they do not know. Therefore, if you want to get used to the new environment as quickly as possible, start the conversation yourself. What is more, in fact, the reason does not matter. Just do not forget that the more a person talks to you, the more details from his or her life you find out, the faster you will determine who is who and with whom you will come together and get along well.

Since you hardly knew these people before, you shouldn’t deprive anyone of your attention. Even if a person is seemingly not very attractive (we are talking mainly about the appearance), for you this should not be the main thing. However, if your intuition has never failed you before, then you should listen to your heart more than to our tips. Nevertheless, in general, it would be better to talk on different topics with different people, and we assure you that in a short period of time you will get new acquaintances. The more new friends you make, the faster the process of “team building” will go. This is very important for a full student life.

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4. Don’t forget about your main goal: to gain new knowledge. After the first tense days of study go back to the past, a very normal student life will begin. However, a young person (and, not so young as well) always wants something more than he or she possesses now, this is a human nature. Therefore, what needs to be done to make you become more than just an average member of a group of students? You will have to do nothing extraordinary, in fact. You just need to do something useful for people, as only by doing small but useful things for your co students, you will acquire a wanted reputation for yourself. What is more, such people, as you know, are very respected and appreciated in any team, so, the skills of working in a team will do a good job for you in the future. The professionals to provide online essay help for any student are sure that you should strive to earn the trust of your co students first, everything else will definitely come with that.

On this post, we have given you the simplest recommendations everyone frequently forgets about. Use them and you will notice your life changing. One more recommendation from the professional writers: do not be selfish, and then you will get love and respect from others, it is sure!

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