Student’s Guide to Building Relationship with Classmates


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A school is mostly a place where gain new knowledge. Yes, you can barely argue with that. However, the high school students will agree that a school life is not limited to the lessons, teachers, and homework. Still, you spend most of your time at school, and, whether you like it or not, you have to communicate with a variety of people your classmates, elder students, and teachers. The experienced team of smart writers is sure that it is great if your class is friendly and all the students treat each other well. Nevertheless, you know yourself that no matter how good the relations in the class are, we cannot avoid quarrels, squabbles, and conflicts. In addition, there are always a few students who are disliked by the majority. They not only have no friends, they barely communicate with the others, and even if they are forced to do it for one reason or another, it all comes down to the cruel tricks to offend or hurt them. Such people are rejected by the others, and this is the really unenviable situation. Therefore, our students’ help site that writes an essay for you is eager to take a close look at this issue.

Who can become “rejected” in a class? Why is this happening and what to do if you are rejected? All in all, will the word “reject” follow you for the rest of your life? 

In the family, your nearest and dearest take you the way you are. Parents love you not for something, but simply because you exist (in most cases, and we hope, it is exactly your case). Thus, it goes without saying that you got used to such a tolerant and loving attitude towards your person (we don’t take into consideration the dysfunctional families, where the awful phenomenon of child abuse exists, and you don’t hide your weaknesses. However, everything is different at school. A class is a team that you need to join. If you are somehow different from your classmates, then you will join not the close-knit team of your class but a bunch of losers. Insult names are used to “reward” those who stand out from the crowd: a mama's boy or girl, nerd, fool or jerk, fatso, psycho, a snitch… We will go in detail of each of the types below, nevertheless, we hope strongly that you will not find the people you know or even yourself among these types of school rejects.

Jerk, buffoon, clown… Sometimes, seemingly harmless nicknames stick to a person so much that he or she is no longer called by the name. Very few people will be pleased if their classmates call him or her a fool. Of course, high school students frequently use this word to call each other in communicating, however, if the nickname “jerk” has tightly stuck to someone of your classmates, you can only feel sorry for him or her. Surely, in your class, there is a sort of a clown who makes faces and teases the teacher’s manner of speaking while the explanation. Everyone laughs out loud over the antics of the fool, but this is only during the lessons. As soon as the bell rings, in most cases, the classmates ignore the clown, and leave him or her alone except for the cases when they need somebody to entertain them. Of course, the close relationships with somebody are out of the question! Why? Because no one wants to be a friend of a fool! No one will even talk to a fool, not to mention being friends... Nevertheless, the jerk him or herself would be happy to communicate, but he or she just does not know how to draw attention to him or herself. Hence, it turns out that he or she will regret such a behavior pattern, but has no idea how else he or she could be noticed. If you ask yourself the same question, here is the complete guide from smart writers

Psycho. It is unlikely that someone from the class will be a friend of a person who is called “crazy”. In addition, who wants to communicate with a person who can easily lose control? Psychos can throw notebooks and books in a fit of rage, and if they receive a bad remark or grade from a teacher, they may burst into tears or, vice versa, run out of the classroom slamming the door. You will never know what the psycho will at one or another moment that is why no one will be a psycho's friend: you never know what will come to his or her mind head this time!

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Nerd. The people do not like this person’s type in any life situations. Students treat nerds poorly. Always! Although it seems that everyone goes to the school in order to gain knowledge. Then why nerds are the first to be rejected in a society? The main reason is that they know everything in the worlds better than someone else but they do not rush to share their knowledge. Nerds raise their hands when no one from the class knows the answer to the teacher's question, they cram the books even during the breaks and spends all their free time doing homework. However, according to the experience of the skillful essay rewriter to get an original paper, nobody is allowed to ask them for help during a test! They are frequently arrogant due to their knowledge, and incredibly boring, therefore, it’s evident that nobody wants to have such a friend. 

Suck-up. Suck-ups have much in common with the nerds. They also constantly raise their hands when no one knows the answer, they also spend the breaks all over the books (as they have nothing to do and nothing to talk with), they also do not share their knowledge with the classmates. The only difference is that the suck-ups are much worse than nerds are, as they always try to serve the teachers, curry favor, and telling tales about the others. If there is a suck-up in your class, you probably don't like it (the essential is that this person isn’t you). It is a pity to watch the suck-up’s fake smile, another poor compliment to a teacher that is definitely insincere, or another small gift. Be friends with a snitch and suck-up? No, thanks!

Sissy. In the classroom, those who are overprotected by their parents (especially grandmother or mother) get the name of mommy's boy or girl. These guys love to humiliate and offend the others, not in the open, but behind the back of the classmates. As a sissy rushes to complain about the bad classmates at the drop of a hat, the co-students will get the most from the furious sissy’s mother. The cheap essays proofreaders for hire at are sure that even if the sissies do not tease in the open, very few people agree to be friends with them.

Smart writers know how not to become a reject

What to do if you have recognized yourself in some of the listed characters? Maybe you yourself cannot understand the reasons of your classmates’ discontent. It seems that nobody did anything bad, and as a result, there are no friends in the class. It is good if classmates are neutral and indifferent towards you, but there may be cases of bullying and even worse.

The best custom essays writing services at are sure that the school has a set of unbreakable rules that must be followed to respected. Do not know how to behave? Here you will find a list of what needs to be done while attending school.

- Be responsive and warm-hearted. In this world, many good people and not so good deserve sympathy. If you sincerely compassionate to others, people will definitely want to be friends with you.

- Be kind. No matter how obvious it sounds, kindness will surely do a good job for you. Help your friends when they need it. Do not be greedy, give your classmate an apple, lend money (within reasonable limits), provide him or her with a textbook or pen if he or she has forgotten them at home. Be generous, but do not curry favor, and you will never acquire the reputation of a greedy person!

- Remember: there are no sinless people. Everyone has his or her own shortcomings, and if you are friends with a person, accept him or her as he or she is. Do not try to remake the best friend, do not blame the buddy for inattention and absent-mindedness. Read this beautiful essay on friendship to know more about this complex phenomenon Each person is unique, and if everyone were correct and perfect, life would become very boring!

- Be honest with others. People appreciate sincerity, so, do not be afraid to tell the truth. Classmates are unlikely to believe you, knowing that you are constantly lying to parents or teachers. After all, this means that with the same ease you can deceive them too! Nobody wants to communicate with a dishonest person.

- Keep up appearance! Hysterical behavior and tears are not attractive, believe the experience of the pro essay help online. You're not a little girl to cry because of a bad luck. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and walk away than to show your weakness. In this way, no one will have a reason to call you a crybaby or drama queen at least.

- Responsibility is an excellent quality. Always keep your word! Remember: there is nothing worse than broken promises. It is better not to give a promise at all if you know that you cannot fulfill it. Approach the school duties responsibly, even if you hate them. Do not o get out of the assignments, if you do not want to seem irresponsible and unable to make decisions! Be sure, the responsibility is a good quality that will never let you down.

- Be decisive and courageous, always achieve your goals, even (especially) if it is difficult. Take the responsibility for your actions: if you make a mistake, you should fix it, not your mom, dad, teacher, or classmate.

- Keep secrets entrusted to you. Do not sink to gossip, as only sneaky people, cowards, and hypocrites, keep on gossiping. If you are not satisfied with the action of your classmate, say it to his or her face, as this is the only way to change something in your life and the life of others. Do not betray your friends: they will never forgive the betrayal! Even if you fail them, find the inner force to apologize ( before it is too late.

- If you have any beliefs, do not change them twenty times a day. Consistency over time is an important quality! However, do not be too serious. Learn to treat your problems with humor, because you should remember that good laughter is the best remedy! Be able to laugh at yourself. After all, this is the real art, which owns not everyone. If you treat yourself with humor, it kills any desire to tease and mock you. All the more, what is the interest in laughing at a person who can laugh at him or herself on his or her own? The team of the professional custom writing service that is available 24/7 that a person with a good sense of humor is able to move mountains.

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What to do if you are a reject? Smart writers know the answer!

But what if, despite all your efforts, your classmates do not take you? If they are not just indifferent towards you, but mock, or even worse, bully you?

Here are the best tips gathered by the smart writers, especially for those who are affected by this situation.

- Keep a cool head and take great care not to panic! There is nothing worse than panic, thus, you should try your best to avoid it. In addition, if you stay cool under pressure, there is a very good chance that they will stop bullying you, as who wants to bully such a cool person? Alternatively, you can ask adults for help. However, these should be the people who are able to listen to you, understand, and take actions. You must stop the bullying! If your offenders just hear the words “don't offend others, this is bad”, they are unlikely to stop. Almost certainly, the result will be just the opposite: the bullying will not stop but begin with a vengeance, and you, in addition to everything, will also be called “snitch”.

- Thinking of the reasons for the bullying, try to understand what caused it. If you really committed something that offended your peers, honestly tell about it and beg forgiveness. The best service among the English writing websites advises you to talk to your classmates first, and we hope strongly it will help.

- Do not fall into despair. Find for yourself a behavior pattern that will help get through the bullying. Why the class is bullying you? The evident answer is because the high school study is boring, therefore, your classmates just want to entertain themselves! How? Find the victim, wait for his or her failure, and start bullying him or her legally! In this way, the lessons will pass fast, and what else is needed for happiness? You should understand that in such a situation, the victim’s resistance does not lead to anything. The best company to pay for an English article written by an expert is sure that the victim will immediately be reminded of what he or she did and what he or she is being punished for.

- If nothing helps, turn to adults for help immediately. Do not be afraid to tell that you are being bullied. Sometimes the only way out is to change the school. Remember: a desire to do it is not cowardice and not an attempt to escape from difficulties! If you do not want to live in a constant fear of classmates and become a real victim, this is the best option. However, if it is impossible to change the school, you need to show courage and determination. The college essays writing services for students recommend you never let your offenders know that you are hurt, otherwise, they will redouble their efforts and begin to turn your life into the hell. In this case, you can try to become indifferent to bullying. Deprive offenders of the pleasure of seeing your sufferings. Do not pay any attention to them.

Anyway, remember that silence is not an option, it can be perceived as a manifestation of weakness. Maybe, you should once go banana to fight back or choose an extraordinary way to stand up for yourself, and they will leave you alone. In any case, it’s better to be the psycho than to be constantly bullied.

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