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We welcome you to the page of the company to provide original academic writing services – smartwriters.org. We work in this field for ten years, therefore, the experts seem to know everything about any paper type you might need: every essay type, thesis, speech writing, lesson plan, research paper, dissertation, term paper, personal statement are an easy deal for us! The academic writers are able to handle any academic level as well. Whether you are a university, college, or high school student we are able to share our knowledge with you, not to mention Master’s and Ph.D. that are within our purview as well. Five of the most common types of work (writing from scratch, English editing, proofreading, rewriting and revision) are the cornerstones of our service so that every student may find an appropriate service type to keep pace with rising professors’ requirements. We will guide you to excellence! So, perhaps, you shouldn’t leave this page too soon?

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Writing, Editing, Proofreading Services at Smartwriters.org: What Are Your Prices?

The first thing an average person, planning to buy no matter what, would ask about is the price. And the first thing to tell you about our pricing policy is it depends. The urgent order will cost more than the regular one, the Master’s Academic level will increase the price as well. Moreover, you may stick the additional options such as choose your Writer’s country (US or UK), draft delivery or different quality’s level (for writing only). Speaking about the quality, do not think that by choosing the standard one you choose the hardly written paper with 60% of plagiarism, standard quality means constantly high quality that is an unbroken rule for every smart team member. Anyway, you should better ask a support agent via the live chat available 24/7, and our online representative will explain you the difference between quality levels in details. In general, you can clarify any issue by sending a message via the live chat, as they work around the clock for your convenience, thus stay in touch to satisfy your curiosity immediately.

You may also ask to calculate the price of your future order, but stand ready to give the necessary information about it: required type of work, paper length, academic level, deadline, number of sources, spacing, etc. Meanwhile, the support will be processing the request, you may pass the time revealing the curious facts about the Pope Francis at https://smartwriters.org/blog/10-curious-facts-about-the-pope-francis.

Tell Me How It Works!

We are sure every client would like to reveal the veil of mystery on the manipulations happening after he or she has placed an order at smartwriters.org. Some of our clients wonder why we accept the orders coming in via form, as they believe the «normal» writer should discuss details first or, at least, see instructions, and only after that either take it or not. Our team is eager to explain why you have an opportunity to place an order, pay and get it according to the deadline, no questions asked. Imagine more than 400 professional native-speaking writers from every Earth corner on our team. Imagine them working independently according to the personal schedule. Imagine there always are at least 80 writers online ready to comply with your request «take my assignments for me» and execute the order. This is the reason why your papers will be definitely written on time, no matter how long or difficult it is. You place an order, we choose the best writer for your field of study, as each member of the team has its own research interests to enhance knowledge and dig deeper. It means, we have not only 400 real experts in the English language, each of the writers masters its own field to be able to complete your order at the highest level. 

Therefore, the smart writers do not copy the information from questionable websites, and paste it into your paper, or rewrite slightly. We know what we are talking about! Only the professional in the required field will take your paper, he/she will surely use only credible source information, latest publications to be up-to-date, and the great store of knowledge and rich experience. With smart writers, your paper is bound to be successful

 After all, at a fixed date (or even earlier), you will get a cherished notification from us about the paper delivery and reveal it on your e-mail!

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Now Tell Me About Discounts!

We just can’t miss this point, talking about the best professional writing, editing, and proof reading service. Our Company is known for its flexible discount system, as we maintain the leading position due to the desire to meet Client’s requests and offer mutually beneficial terms. Here is an illustrative list of the discount types and ways you can get it at smartwriters.org:

1. First order. You can get a discount for the first order by entering your e-mail address at the special form Get discount in the bottom right corner of the page.

2. Holiday offers. You may get your personal hot holiday offer from our Company with the great discount. So, you can add to the list of most expected St. Valentine’s gifts an essay at a discount from smart writers. Returning Customers usually get their special holiday’s offers on e-mail, hence they are sure they will not miss a thing. New Customers can benefit from holiday discounts as well. Feel free to ask a support agent via the live chat about it and pay less for premium quality and 100% originality.

3. Lifetime discount. Available only for the Regular Customers, nevertheless, easy to get already after second or third order, lifetime discount marks the great start of beneficial cooperation between you and our Company. This discount is increasing steadily, helping its owner to save more and more money by using the best online essays writing & editing services.

4. Special situations. It depends. If, for example, you order dissertation writing, and ask for the discount 30%, we will provide you with disposable discount code. If you are going to order a one-page essay for tomorrow and ask for the same discount, you probably won’t get it. We hope strongly the difference between these two situations is more than clear. Oh, the last but not least thing that seems obvious, but is still crucial: you should insert your discount code first, and then pay, not vice versa! For some Customers, it’s difficult to understand this mechanism, as they start to beg for a discount after paying. Unfortunately, we don’t provide such an option and can’t recalculate total sum for technical reasons.

In any case, don’t hesitate to ask us about the ways to save your money. We find a personal approach to each of our Customers, and we know exactly what you need, thus will do our best to provide you with A+ paper and inoculate the effective study habits that will definitely do a good job for you in the future: https://smartwriters.org/blog/4-effective-study-habits-from-coursework-writing-service-uk.

Cheap Writing and Proofreading Services Turned Out to Be Indispensable Assistant

Now everything is in the right place: we keep taking care of your papers, you have enhanced your knowledge about the Company that will be pleased to write an essay for you. Everyone's happy!

For last, our service is client-oriented, hence, our main objective is to bring you to the academic successes and, at the same time, be your study assistant, guiding you to the Knowledge. The papers we write for you are the excellent possibility to have the right example to follow in front of your eyes. There is nothing bad about the lack of knowledge; the neglect is student’s worst enemy! Therefore, it is never late to start practicing your writing skills to acquire the reputation of grammar expert, or great creative, or diligent writer. The best website to buy term paper, thesis, dissertation, essay or research paper step in to inspire you to plunge into the study world, not with irritation, but with enthusiasm and get what you deserve!

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