10 Habits Successful People Do Before Going to Bed


The research of American scientists has shown that 60 percent of adults dream to be successful, reach and famous, this number even increases among the adolescents. What do you think about, when you read the new article in the magazine or Internet news about a star on the rise or another story of success? Maybe, you just passed it by, imagine yourself in these shoes or you are a little bit jealous about the person who reached the success. You have the right to feel any emotion you deem ...Continue reading

Things You Can Buy for 1 Dollar around the World


What will you response, if your friend offers you a little adventure? There are only a little percentage of people, who will answer affirmatively. «I have no money for this, I have no money for that» - get used to whining like a baby girl the majority of people. «My office work is dull, chump change is paid to me, I’m sick and tired of all this routine but can’t reverse it because of lack of money» or «Damn the country we are living in because of its weak ...Continue reading

Tips How to Be in a Deep Sleep the Whole Night


How often do you pay attention to the quality of your essential biology processes? The way we breathe, the way we eat, the way we sleep – we are get used to doing these things (for obvious reasons of course) so much that even don’t notice how they are proceeding, what is more we often forget about enormous impact they have on us. You will be surprised to discover how exactly an unhealthy diet or lack of sleep can influence on our mood, emotional state and particularly at health ...Continue reading

Top Unusual Ways to Survive in Desert


Traveling became the main religion of modern human life in last decades due to the huge globalization process, so nowadays to be in fashion and deemed like «highly spiritual» and «not like anyone else» person you can just quit your chocking office, speaking out against the dullness and mediocrity of your colleagues pack a bag and became a free traveler (this social phenomenon sometimes can be called «downshifting», read here ...Continue reading

15 Key Points to Choose Mediterranean Diet


Every girl is crazy about how she looks in her own way. Hair styling, brand new make-up tutorials, the rage staff, fashion nails manicure, creating her own style… And one, maybe of the most important things, which can provide a lot of problems in self-perception and even an inferiority complex, is a body. I’m sure almost every girl is obsessed with her body; the obsession deepens in spring, as everyone wants to look great in a swimsuit to be a self-proclaimed queen of the beach. So ...Continue reading

How to Choose Your Perfect Dog Breed


The dogs have always been the best human mates, psychotherapists and helpers. Due to the dogs, responsibility and attentiveness can be provided, these pets are always seeking for your care, sincere and unprotected in front of humans, so hurting them with one’s indifference and cruelty is out of the question! Unfortunately, in our modern age with high level of culture, there are still the cases of violence toward our little friends, find more information in our animal abuse essay. So if ...Continue reading

Quick Guide to Dada Art Movement


We are used to considering art to be constructive force; we usually admit the idea of art like an exquisite masterpiece, isn’t it? If you don’t know an answer, maybe you are just a beginner in the art domain, in this case you are strongly recommended to start from the artistic origins – a cradle of arts – ancient Greece http://smartwriters.org/blog/essay-on-ancient-greece-mystique-and-grandeur. Perhaps one of the most weird and shocking art movements – Dadaism, ...Continue reading

Top 10 Modern Indie Folk Songwriters


Indie-folk is a musical style that combines bright melodies, typical of indie rock, with acoustic sound of contemporary folk music, and develops under the influence of rock and country styles. Here is the Top 10 of modern indie folk songwriters that are worth our attention. We can write a custom essay for sale if you need more information about it. 1. Devendra Banhart, a performer and an artist, a singer of freedom and a mystic, a psychedelic songwriter and a pantheist, a representative of ...Continue reading

Top 20 Crime Books Of All Time


The central point of discussion in a detective story is the process of investigation of the mysterious incident. The main character’s purpose is to inquire into the circumstances of its mysteries and to solve a riddle. Typically, this incident appears as a crime; thus, the story usually describes the struggle between justice and lawlessness that usually ends with the victory of justice. Dear readers, our online essay writing service tries to find different ways to kindle your interest, ...Continue reading

Own Business: What Should We Do?


Our site can offer you the best paper writer. We fulfill demands of our customers. Today our team want to talk about business. Creation of new business is possible at any time. Adverse circumstances, period or time is not the problem for it. All that you need for creation of business is only your attitude and determination.  The thoughts, which show that you are not ready for the creation of business:This idea absolutely will work, but I do not have enough money for development of ...Continue reading