Essay About Education: Is It Really Essential For Success


Essay About EducationOf course, our parents always tell us that education is extremely important, that we will not be able to live and build a successful career without it, that we will not be able to find a good job and earn enough money without studying in school and then in college or university. But is it really true? Is it really impossible to be happy, do what you love and earn your living without a degree? Another problem to mention in this essay about education is whether you will be able to be an interesting with a wide area of thought and broad-based knowledge without studying or not? Will you be a good partner in a conversation? Will you possess an abundant vocabulary in order to make your speech beautiful, rich and avoid different kind of mistakes? By the way foreign languages learning is quite important today in the century of globalization. So there is one more question: is it possible to learn a foreign language and start speaking it flawlessly without getting any degree? In this essay we will try to answer all these questions. Besides, we will speak about the development of educational system in the human history and about modern educational technics and views on this issue. So if you are a student, a professor or just thinking on entering to university or college, reading this essay is a good idea for you.

The history of educational system

People generally understand education as a process of receiving knowledge. It can also be defined as a process of shaping person’s mind, aptitudes, character, morel qualities and different kind of skills. This process was essential for the humanity since prehistorical period. In that times the older generation was training their children in skills which was thought to be necessary at that time for living in the society and surviving. All essays about education mention the role of early civilizations in the history and development of education. The civilization of Ancient Egypt will be the first to mention in our essay. Scholars know quite little about the education of this civilization. However, they think that the process of studying took place in the nearest temple, because the buildings of schools were not found. They also suppose that Egyptians did not use the books during the studying process. So writing at teacher’s dictation took the biggest part of the lesson. The rich and noble people could afford hiring private tutors for their children. Girls remained illiterate. In Ancient Greece the image of ideal human was shaped. The ideal human should have been perfect both in physical and mental way. The Greek educational system was built on this principle. In Ancient Greece the rule of compulsive educating of every free citizen’s children was firstly put into effect. Nevertheless, the rule was mainly related to boys. The first school laws were formed by the Greek poet and political figure Solomon. He noble people of Ancient Rome preferred to hire private tutors for their children. Poor people had to use the service of schools. It is interesting enough that Ancient Rome is the place of origin of the modern educational system including primary, secondary and higher education. By the way, the first institution of higher education was founded by Plato in Athens. And remember that if you need help with essays about these ancient civilizations or with your Brown vs Board of education essay, you always can apply to our essay service.

Is education really irreplaceable for your career?

The students who do not want to study or lazy enough for carrying out their university tasks usually say that there are a lot of examples which prove that higher education is quite useless and they can easily live and be rich without it. And they are partially right. There are really a number of life experience stories of successful people, who haven’t got their degree. For example, the king of pop Michael Jackson had never attended college. The cooking TV show star and businesswoman Rachael Ray is another bright example. She has no degree and moreover she has no qualification in cooking. In addition, John D. Rockefeller was expelled from university two months before graduation and became one of the richest people in the American history. And of course, Bill Gates is the most famous example of a successful person without higher education. In addition, we decided to provide you with an extra-list of famous successful people, who do not have a degree. You may use some of these examples in your importance of college education essay:

  • Sean Connery;
  • Abraham Lincoln;
  • Will Smith;
  • Henry Ford;
  • Steve Jobs;
  • Michael Dell, etc.

But what all these people have in common? They all have a great aim, motivation and idea. Besides, they possess an extraordinary character and a significant charisma. So lying on the sofa in front of the TV without studying can not bring you success. Therefore, if you do not have a brilliant business idea and great inspiration to put it into practice in future, you’d better stay in university and think what are you going to do in your life. Of course, you will need a bit of luck in order to build your prosperous career, but it would also require huge amount of work and a great deal of self-sacrifice. So think twice before leaving university, this studying experience may help you someday and it definitely will not be superfluous.

Did you know that even Albert Einstein wasn’t popular for his studying achievements during the school years? Inspiring, isn’t it? By the way, for more details about life of this prominent scientist refer to our short essay on Albert Einstein.

However, if you are still determined to leave your studying and consider it to be useless, read firstly the advantages of studying at college or university. Some of them you may include into your importance of education essay:

  • Many people say that the only thing that we learn during our school and university studying is learning. And they are close to the truth. Being pupils or students, we create our own learning style and technics.
  • Studying at university, you learn to meet your deadlines successfully;
  • You learn how to work in team;
  • You learn to communicate with other people;
  • Finding new interests and meeting with new people;
  • You learn to deal with your problems by your own.

So weigh up all pros and cons before making a decision.

Modern methods of education

Nowadays the system of education is becoming more interactive. Professors want their students to participate actively in the studying process. For better understanding of a subject and visualization they use endless sources including on-line ones. For example, many educators use such services as VOA Learning English, BBC Learning English, TedEd, TeacherTube and others. Besides, many professors claim that discussing is one of the best ways of understanding and learning of subject; it allows not only to learn something efficiently, but also gives student an opportunity to train in expressing their thoughts and forming arguments. In addition the method of bilingual or multilingual education is getting popular now. According to this method, professors should use different languages for explaining different subjects, which will help students to improve their language skills during studying other subjects. If you are interested in this method, our essay writers will gladly help you to write an excellent bilingual education essay.

Anyway, the decision on whether you want to study and get your education or not is totally up to you. But we hope that our essay has helped you to do your choice.