Essay On Animal Abuse: The Sore On The Society’s Body


Essay On Animal AbuseMany people are fond of animals. They love them and think them to be our little brothers and friends. A lot of people keep pets at home and regard them as members of the families. If you have ever had a dog you know this incredible feeling when you come home after a hard working day and your favorite fluffy friend runs to you in order to greet you and show how greatly did it miss you. And if you are an owner of a cat, you definitely know that these animals possess the unbelievable power of curing and relaxing. This gift is quite essential especially for owners who have a stressful and exhausting job. Besides, animals usually become perfect friends for children, they teach your kids to be kind, sensitive and understanding, show them how to communicate in the society. However, some people do not share this love to our little friends. Some of them even can’t stand animals at all and treat them badly. This usually causes the cases of animal abuse. Today in this essay on animal abuse we will talk about the cases of cruelty directed to animals, their causes, the statistics and social experiments dedicated to this issue, the cases of this phenomenon in the history, the ways of keeping your pets and other animals safe. You should definitely read this article in order to be informed on how to protect your dear little friends from other people aggressive behavior, so go ahead.

Horrible cases of animal abuse

Let’s begin with giving definition of this concept. Animal abuse is usually defined as an intentional case of causing harm or suffering to animal by human, which has nothing in common with self-defense, because of ruffian or selfish reasons, using sadistic methods. This phenomenon is also known as cruelty to animals or animal neglect. In a great number of countries animal abuse is regarded as a crime. Anyway, it does not stop some people from making animals suffer. There are some awful cases of animal abuse.

In august 2013 the 17 years old Walter Easley posted the video showing him kick a little kitten and throw him down of a porch. The horrible thing is that the boy was proud of this action and was likely to boast of it. The video made the Internet community extremely indignant. The guy was taken into custody for 60 days. The kitten was not seriously injured, but it was withdrawn from his owners.

The second example for our animal abuse essay is Jerzon Senador the Philippine teenager, who hung his little puppy on the clothes line by the clothes-pegs. The guy made a few photos from different angels and posted them on his Facebook page. Now Jerzon is waiting for a court.

By the way, some people commit the acts of animal abuse because of the drug or alcohol intoxication. However, even in this situation only people inclined to aggressive behavior and acts of violence are able to enjoy animals suffering. Drugs or alcohol just intensify their inclination. Nevertheless, it could be useful for you to read an essay on alcohol abuse in order to familiarize yourself with its impact on your body and mind.

It is also a well-known fact that animal abuse is wide-spread phenomenon in the biggest part of pet-shops or pet-markets.  Little puppies, kittens, hamsters and domestic mice are mistreated. They are taken away from their mothers early which results in weakening of their immune system. Besides, since healthy and ill animals are kept together, a lot of infections and other illnesses quickly spread. By the way, animals are fed badly, because the sellers do not want to spend a lot of money. That’s why you should not be surprised if the animal you have bought on the market turned to be ill. Frankly speaking, sometimes it is hard or almost impossible to heal them. A lot of such animals die. Mention this fact if you want to write an animal abuse persuasive essay.

Statistics and social experiments on the animal abuse subject

Scientists usually mention that the aptitude to the violence usually related with person’s upbringing and education and shapes in the childhood. Children from the problem families, especially those who were beaten in childhood, have much more chances to be inclined to violence directed both to animal and people. It is also a proved fact that maniacs and murderers shape their aptitude in 8-12 years. So pay special attention on your child’s behavior with animals.

Experts also say that physical violence to animals (as well as stealing, frequent lie and physical violence to people) is included to list of character features of behavior disorder.

But the issue of animal abuse is an object of interest not only for scientists, but for activists as well. Some of them conducted social experiments in order to learn about people’s attitude to this problem. The participants of one of the experiment were beating on the street a toy dog, which they put in a rubbish bag. Besides, they put there a device which was reproducing the dog’s screaming. The results of this experiment could be interesting for your persuasive essay about animal abuse, which could be written for you by our essay writing service with smart writers. Unfortunately, the biggest part people have just passed by. Few people have tried to defend the dog. Someone has even called the police. But there were some people who haven’t mind joining to the bullies. The awful thing is they just decided to vent on their emotions on the pure creature. But look, today it is a dog; tomorrow it could be you or a member of your family. The most important problem shown by this experiment is people’s indifference. Remember, we can not solve this or any other problem, if everybody will just pass by. By the way, we have some tips for you, which can help you to protect your pets and other animals:

  • Some dog haters threw the pieces of poisoned food on the streets; try to teach your dog not to eat the food from the ground on the street; it is a good idea to carry an antidote when you are walking with your pet;
  • Be attentive walking with your pet, do not let it run too far away from you;
  • Always put on your dog a collar, which will show everybody that this is not a homeless dog; mention in your stop animal abuse essay that it will reduce the chances the chances of your dog being killed or poisoned;
  • Do not let your cat or dog walk alone;
  • Do not be indifferent if you have become a witness of animal abuse;
  • Consult the veterinary on how to help your pet or other animal if it was injured or wounded by somebody’s violent action.

The track of animal abuse in the history

If you want to add some historical details to your essay, you may use our service. But some of historical facts you can find here. If you think that animal abuse is a modern phenomenon, you are absolutely wrong. Its roots lie in the XVIII century when dog, bear and bully fighting were especially popular. The most popular kind of bloody gambling was dog fighting. Dogs were let out on the arena and were made fighting. The last surviving dog was the winner. When the dog refused to fight, it was punished. From the XX to the XXI century dog fighting was gradually becoming an unlawful activity in the majority of the countries of the world.

We hope that now, when you heightened your awareness on the subject of animal abuse, received useful information for your persuasive essay on animal abuse and will be able to protect your pet and not to be indifferent seeing the cases of cruelty to animals.