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In addition to the educational and informative content that can be found on our site, we keep in touch with the students’ world, thus know the essential problems of young people. Frankly speaking, although the support agents of our writing, editing, and proofreading service are here to answer the questions concerning the technical side of placing an order, give the additional information about our site, or report on your paper progress, we still receive hundreds of queries asking for sharing the personal experience of being a student, resolving some psychological issues, or even giving the relations tips. We highly appreciate your trust, and our writers are eager to provide any possible assistance to you, including some personal experience that actually hasn’t much in common with the writing services, however, it has a lot in common with your general state of mind, which is also extremely important for us. But don’t expect to get a universal advice, don’t expect to have it all, one step at a time!

This time, the highly qualified writers from has conducted a survey among the colleagues to find out the best ways of college adaptation as we receive many queries to make a top list of tips for freshmen day in and day out. As a result, we’ve gathered the most valuable advice, taken from the experience of real people. Some tips seem to be quite evident; nevertheless, we are sure everyone is familiar with the situation when it’s hard to get the universal truths till the moment you read them in one or another post. Hence, here we go with the guide for a college newbie.

Studies. The main purpose of going to college is, of course, studying. Be prepared to the fact that you have to devote the lion’s share of your time to the studies. Thus, in the flow of events, academic essay editor online recommends you not to neglect your objective: striving for knowledge.

1. Attend classes. Perhaps, in large groups of the first year, no one is paying attention to attendance, which means that you will not have problems if you miss the class, as it was in high school. But this does not mean that you can skip classes. Some teachers monitor attendance. But, more importantly, missing classes means gaps in knowledge. Do not complicate your life, forcing yourself to cram before exams.

2. Make contact with your teachers. A small secret: many teachers wait for someone to address them during working hours. They will be grateful if you do it. In the case, if you have questions, it will be great to ask your teachers, because they will remember your name and face this way. In addition, don’t forget to just to say hello and introduce yourself at the very beginning of the semester. You may use some hints from this post on making a good impression to sharpen your communication skills. Nevertheless, don’t «over impress» your teachers, as in this case, they will surely feel the insincerity.

3. Learn to use the library. This applies to both conventional, electronic libraries and the additional study recourses as well. Your teachers will give a lot of ready-made material, especially in the beginning. But you will also have to learn how to conduct your own research. Plan a visit to the library and ask the librarian for help. It is especially important if you have never used a traditional library before. We are sure, you are not alone, so do not be shy.

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4. Stay open to new ideas. No matter who you are, in any case, you sometimes have to read something that you do not agree with. Teachers specifically ask students to read literature that shows the problem from different points of view. They ask reading materials with which they also disagree. You do not have to agree with authors who oppose your beliefs, but try to find out where their beliefs come from and what their essence is. Anyway, to be a student in the today’s world means to be open-minded.

Social life. An organized life is the basis for reaching a piece of mind. It will facilitate your student being great, therefore, go ahead, make your life easier armed with these tips.

1. Learn to live with your roommates. Living with someone in one room is not easy, especially if you've never lived like this before, or have an introverted type of personality. Start by talking about how you will use the room, and then stick to the decisions you make. We wish you to have an adequate roommate! Otherwise, if you are forced to live with somebody who drives you mad, and nothing helps to avoid or prevent such situations, know that you are gaining valuable interpersonal skills with the similar individuals for the future.

2. Take care of your health. The college gives you a new level of freedom, but at the same time exposes you to new risks. Take for a spin that your health depends directly on your behavior. Choosing the healthy lifestyle ( you make the greatest investment in the future.

Eat healthy even in a dormitory. We understand that you are busy, there is a lot of unhealthy food around you, and your budget is tight - it's all because you first have to take care of yourself on your own. However, do your best to keep your healthy diet.

Manage stress through exercising. It is the smart way not only to keep fit but avoid prolonged depressions or irritation accumulated during the tense days. Regular physical education is one of the best ways to deal with stress, available to college students. You may feel that you are too tired or you do not have time for it, but it will give you so much energy that it’s worth it.

3. Start taking responsibility for your actions. There are no parents next to you who scold or mother you. You are already an adult who should take responsibility for his/her actions. The native English writers from essays and dissertations writing services advise you to start small and take the responsibility for the small actions, gradually increasing the sphere of it.

Money. It’s hard to imagine one’s successful life without the ability to use money in the right way. Thus, learn these tips!

1. Spend money on food wisely. Depending on how much you eat and what are your options cooking abilities, you can choose a meal plan in the college cafeteria. You can pay for meals every day or for every meal. Look at your weekly budget for food and calculate what will be cheaper for you: eating in the dining room or cooking on your own.

2. Benefit from special students offers. Take advantage of living in the student dormitory (campus). In addition to sports games, you will find here literature, games and other activities that you can get at special prices for students. Some establishments make special discounts for students. In addition, you may find plenty of free information on the Internet, for example, the essays templates ( that you may use for writing your own one.

3. Think about taking a part-time job. Of course, it is another responsibility that will take your time. But social activity costs money. Many students pay their studies partly or completely. Think about the opportunity to work and study at the same time. There are jobs designed for students and providing a flexible work schedule.

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To cut a long story short, it was the most valuable advice that we succeeded to find out. The last can be «don’t be afraid to face the life difficulties». Don’t call your mom at the earliest opportunity; you should realize that the best person to rely on is you and only you. The economical essay helper that is online 24/7 recommends you to sharpen your skills of independent living to make the future life easier. In any case, now you know whom to address to solve your study difficulties, as our team of certified writers stands ready to help you. We are always open to your suggestions and improvements, therefore, you’re welcome to contact us at any convenient time to discuss your study task or place an order!