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You shouldn’t be the most ambitious person on the Earth to have a desire to achieve academic success. Nevertheless, have you ever thought about the qualities, every successful student should have? Probably, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, intelligence. Then it would be a good memory and ability to work hard. Perhaps, the diligence will do a good job for you too as since the very childhood you were told it does matter. Do you agree with the qualities’ list, mentioned by our experts from top writing services? If yes, we have some bad news for you. These qualities can be not enough to acquire the reputation of the best student. We don’t mean that everybody having the similar set of qualities, is doomed to failure, you may be the most intelligent person, however, there always is somebody more enthusiastic, more savvy, more willing to get the highest grade without making much effort. Moreover, the plethora of cases shows that exactly this kind of people tends to earn the first places literally and figuratively. Our goal is not to push you up to become the irritating eager beaver, we are about to give you some useful hints, figured out due to the great experience of our team able to write, edit or proofread any paper you require. As we have been working in this sphere for many years, we face different kinds of students and profs day in and day out, always finding the efficient ways to deal with them. Therefore, we can share both positive and negative experience with every our visitor to help him or her to take another look at the study situation and find the optimal ways to succeed without spending every free minute on studying.

First and foremost, remember that sometimes the capacity to make a good impression is more important than your knowledge of the subject. Thus, the ability to find the best solutions from the difficult situations rapidly is equally useful as working hard all the time. Have you ever noticed somebody getting away clean even if he/she hasn’t succeeded completing homework because of partying all night long? In addition, you, in turn, once got a bad mark because of real lack of time to do your assignment properly. It means that your group mate was more successful practicing rapid problem solving and a bit of hypocrisy that is not always a bad thing, incidentally. What is more, no matter how hard we try to eliminate the influence of personal attitude on the study process, it still does matter, thus, the well-designed personal relationships may be one of the ways to succeed in your studies.

We propose you to start small, namely learn the most efficient homework excuses as you know even better than us that it is really hard to manage the time properly to do everything they told you to do, especially with the profs' tendency to consider their subject the essential one even if it isn't your specialty. Besides, every student has once ignored the homework, there is nothing wrong about is, we are all humans, and we all require free time to read, watch a movie or make thematic playlist similar to this one including the best hate songs chosen by our writers: In such situation, the essential is to frame the fact you haven’t done your home assignments rightly and now we are going to tell you how to do this.

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Best Homework Excuses from Smart Writers.

Excuse #1. I have to balance job and studies. Kindly note that this phrase shouldn’t sound like a blame, add the word «unfortunately», «to my greatest regret», «I'm not sure it does matter, but…». Our favorite is «I didn’t want to tell you this, but when I started to do my assignment, my employer asked me to fill in a worker». Don’t forget to add that the task seemed to be very interesting and you are eager to sort it out as soon as possible. Ask your prof for some details for effect. Take some ideas from this apology essay to express your own sincerest apologies: Nevertheless, make sure you aren’t exaggerating as nobody likes no-talented liars.

Excuse #2. Another tutor seemed to get out of hell for a minute to assign dozens of tasks for today! Above all, this excuse may work differently. However, in most cases, it works. Some tutors take pleasure in students’ complaints against their colleagues, especially if they can’t boast of good relations. Eloquently present your frustration, rejection, and desperation facing those tasks and deep regret you have no free hour to complete another assignment, no matter how bad you want to. Intimidate the prof by passionate promises to make the things right the next time. The last would rather make your tutor laugh, but it is well known that the sense of humor has its power; it can even become your weapon of choice, especially if you have nothing except for it.  Furthermore, writers from the best essay site for you, recommend referring to the first point and expressing your apologies that should be sincere.

P.S. Make sure the prof you are going to tell this excuse isn’t a good friend of that one you are going to defame. Otherwise, you are risking provoking the great scandal.

Excuse #3. I was busy with volunteering. Classic, but still great. I was assisting the employees of the nursing home the whole evening yesterday. I was a volunteer at that charity event. I was representing «the name of your educational institution» at the competition/contest/flesh mob/event (choose the relevant variant). Of course, it would be better if you really took your place among the participants. If no, spend a few minutes on googling the info about it not to be caught unaware. In addition, stand ready to get creative by making up numerous details if your prof asks you. As usual, our company to provide essay services for student recommends to not to overplay your hand to sound convincing. Oh, instead of volunteering, you may mention every socially useful activity that might improve your reputation, except for the statements similar to «I was saving the town and its inhabitants all night long».

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Excuse #4. Pretend to be ill. This way to get away clean is particularly well suited for those who have some hypochondriacal features as it would be at least surprising if you tell about your disease and run for food as an Olympic athlete the next second. This excuse will be doubly convincing after a sleepless night spent in front of the monitor so that the burst blood vessels in both eyeballs will be your best witnesses. An iron rule for girls: no makeup! Go into this state, don't pretend to be ill – just be! The slow smooth gestures, sorrow on the face, and ardent desire to study: «I feel bad for my weakness» – the experts who help with college essays writing used to benefit from this strategy when they were the students. And, if you aren’t allowed to go home, don’t you dare to look happy and, heaven forbid, to laugh.

If none of the excuses doesn’t work, maybe, it’s high time to roll out the big guns: truth. As honesty is the best policy, apologize sincerely and explain the reasons for your inappropriate refuse to do homework (of course, if there is any; if no, check the points 1-4). It goes without saying that you won’t be able to use these excuses over and over again. You should alternate the good work with its ignorance to save your student’s face; the same applies to course attending – we recommend you to establish the timetable for every subject (the optimal decision is one course to skip, three to attend, nevertheless, some of our smart writers were so daredevil to attend only two courses instead of three).

To cut a long story short, don’t forget to type «write my research paper» or «edit my essay within 6 hours» to find our service to write a paper or check grammar and get the proficient assistance from our experts. Incidentally, this is one more way to handle your homework. We will execute your order accurately on time and meet all your requirements to guarantee the premium quality of every paper that fall into our professional hands. Our services are available online at any time of night and day, therefore, feel free to contact us when you need our assistance. What is more, you may ask our support agents to clarify the details concerning our services functioning or the progress of your paper. They also work 24/7, thus, are always highly accessible to dissipate your doubts. Stop hesitating, it’s time to accept help from professionals and bring your paper to perfection!

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