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                Unfortunately, in addition to the lack of time, many students suffer from the lack of understanding of how to write a good essay. If you are among these people, the certified writers who are working for our company not recommend you to fall into despair, as in most cases, the art of essay writing isn’t taught at school, college, or university, that’s why how do students find out the rules of successful writing? All the more, this process isn’t as difficult as you can imagine, therefore, even if you haven’t a special aptitude for writing, you may produce an average paper and get a good grade. If you are eager to learn some essay writing hints, you are welcome to continue reading, as smart writers from this site not only can take your papers for money but also teach you a lesson absolutely free! We strive for knowledge both our and our readers, thus, take for a spin these tips, made by the best online essay writing help service!

1. Make your topic comprehensive! Try to formulate the topic in two simple sentences. Why such a restriction? Because this is the natural length of a clear answer to the question «What did you want to tell about?» If you can’t do it in two attractive sentences that will definitely draw the attention of your teacher, then something is wrong. This limit will help sharpen the thought, decide which arguments or examples are really important, and which are secondary ones. You may use this method not only while formulating a title of your essay/assignment but starting each new paragraph as well to get rid of unnecessary.

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2. Take a fresh look. Keep a fresh look at things while researching your topic. Yes, you’ve surely read a thousand books on the topic you’re going to present in your essay (we hope), and you’re already an expert, however, remain a curious child who is surprised by the facts that adults have come to term with, and don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek for the additional information. By the way, on our website, you may find fresh guides to essay writing that will help you to turn thought back into writing ( Only this strategy will help you to stand out from the crowd, as can you imagine how many times your teacher, professor, or tutor had to check the similar assignments? That’s why the proven way to impress him/her is to present a fresh look at an old topic.

3. Be moderate! If you’re writing an argumentative essay, don’t overload your argumentation by the statistical examples. It is recommended to go into details if your argument requires, nevertheless, make sure these details are worth being mentioned. For instance, «In 2016, the percentage of gay marriages was at around 15%, and in 2017 rose to 30% of the total marriages.» Why should you mention these figures if it is better to write: «The percentage of gay marriages doubled in recent years»? This is made particularly for your reader’s benefit, as you know better than the writers from the leading site to buy college essays that the papers with the abundance of figures are difficult to understand. Of course, there isn’t a rule without an exception, therefore, if your teacher gave you the task to base your writing on the statistical data, it’s obvious that you should use it. In other cases, try to use one or two figures per paragraph.

4. Keep intrigue. If you type of essay allows, use the principle «from the smallest to biggest»: keep the most stunning example to give it in the end of your paper. In the first sentences, you should attract the reader’s attention, interest him or her, not to get everything out on the table.

5. Fight your procrastination. Of course, there are thousands of ways to overcome procrastination on the Internet, however, for our writers, there are only two that really work. The first way is to calculate in advance how much should you write for today  to meet the deadline, and when procrastination grasps you, just start writing no matter what, without thinking too much of ideas relevancy or syntax correctness, without even proofreading your grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, but according to the essay plan. Pull yourself together, and bring yourself to write at least something that comes to mind when you’re thinking about your topic. This activity brings electrodes to the brain, and after a while, it will spark (in most cases).

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Another way is to talk to yourself, to make an expanded speech in response to the question «what do I want to say in this sentence, paragraphs, or essay part». During talking, we tend to find good phrases or tricks to start paragraphs or even a whole essay. If after a few minutes of discussion, you realized that today it's easier for you to talk, turn on the prepared tape recorder. Again, you may pass for a schizo, however, who cares if you have a good essay?

6. Mind wording. Unnecessary words are your most terrible enemies. After writing a phrase, look at it and throw half of the words. Doesn’t work? Change the wording so that it works. Take for a spin the Hemingway telegraphic writing style, as it is one of the brightest examples how a good essay should be done. Each time, looking at the sophisticated description of a complex phenomenon, try to put it into a comprehensive phrase of four or five words. Instead of «this scientist has pessimistic forecasts regarding the legalization of the marijuana», formulate it shorter: «this scientist doesn’t believe in marijuana legalization.» Based on our experience, the well trained during the years of teaching practice pair of prof’s eyes will always detect whether one or another word or phrase conveys the message or it was added to increase the words’ number.

7. Experiment with the length of the sentence. Give preference to the rule «the shorter, the better». Let's imagine that there is a very long sentence in our text. Somewhere in the middle, the reader will definitely get lost in it. Nevertheless, the cheap essay writing service for student is sure that if you break a long sentence into shorter ones, attention and positive perception of the reader will be activated again. On the other side, the different length of sentences makes the text more dynamic, therefore, here, as elsewhere, the principle of middle way will come to the rescue. Balancing between short and long (within reason) sentences, you will keep the reader’s attention drawn to your essay, and won’t let him or her lose the interest.

8. Adhere to the essay structure. In your paper, you shouldn’t just divide your text to the introduction, main body, and conclusion, although these points are must-have! We highly recommend you googling the information on your essay structure or find a good essay example on our website (for example this argumentative one: to follow it strictly, as you should pay an equal attention to both content and form. In the long run, ask your teacher to provide you the general essay scheme, be sure that he or she will be pleased to help an industrious student who seeks for the best way to perform teacher’s task!

9. Your experience is the best helper. Introduce the examples or stories taken from your own experience to the essay. If it isn’t a piece of academic writing, the experienced-based examples provided in the end will come in handy. It Is a great way to link your essay to your personality as your teacher checks hundreds of impersonal essays on similar topics day in and day out, and, in the majority of cases, it’s impossible to figure out the author’s name without looking at the sign. The personal examples make your essay bright and catchy, thus, try to use them!

                To sum up, only after trying at least half of these tips, you will start to understand the algorithms of successful essay writing. In our turn, the service that writes an essay for you at any time of night and day will always come to rescue to save your time, forces, and grades, and provide you with the cheap essays! Don’t hesitate to visit our website,, and question our support team who also works 24/7 to be in touch with our customers! Be happy, entrust your papers to others!

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