Carnegie Mellon Essay: Is It The Right Choice For Entrant


There is no doubt that every school leaver sooner or later faces great number of questions related to the entrance to college or university. Which university is the best? Which of them provides better knowledge, studying conditions and social guarantees? How to enter the university? What should I do in order to become a student? These questions seem to future student of the utmost importance and they really are. This decision is able to change your life greatly. Therefore, it is quite hard to make the final choice. There are a lot of popular colleges and universities with an enormous fame. So how not to lose your head, looking at this diversity? This Carnegie Mellon essay will provide you with information about one of the most popular universities in the United States. It will be useful for you to know that this University ranks top positions in the most respectable ratings of educational institutions not only in the USA, but all round the world. Studying in this university may guarantee you brilliant career prospects and significant knowledge in your sphere. After graduation you will be able to find a highly-paid job with all necessary perks and opportunity to progress. Carnegie Mellon University is widely known around the world, so you will get an opportunity to develop and build your career in any country of the world. In addition, if you are an international student, this university is one of the best choices for you. By the way, Carnegie Mellon University provides unique opportunities for conducting of research in various fields. So if you feel the power to make a great scientific discovery, if you are eager to contribute to the scientific and technical progress, this university is the right choice for you. In this essay we collected a great deal of information dedicated to this educational institution. Here you may find data about its history and development, traditions and student life, about famous graduates and professors, about its reputation on the world scene, about special features of admission and enrollment and many other interesting facts. Information about international activity of the University is also available here. By the way, if you live in other country, but still have a strong intention to study in this or some other American university, this essay will be full of beneficial information for you: We hope our essay will ease your decision. And do not forget that when you become a student of this or any other university, you will always be able to use the services of our smart writers for your essay or other assignment. Visit our site to learn more about our team or if you are looking for a service, where you may order your essay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Brief information on the history of the University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private university and research center, which is situated in Pittsburgh. Its history is not so long and rich as ones of, for instance, Cambridge or Harvard university. It was established only in 1900. However, it has already become one of the top universities of the country. Firstly, famous American industrialist and philanthropist of Scottish origin Andrew Carnegie founded the Technical School named after him. It is interesting enough that the students of the university received their motto from its founder. It sounds like: “My heart is in the work”. If you want some additional information about this person, you may read this essay: Twelve years later school attained the name of the Institute of Technology. In that time it consisted of four schools. Students had to study there four years in order to achieve Bachelor degree. The University appeared only in 1967, when The Mellon Institute of Industrial Research and Carnegie Institute of Technology joined into one institution. If you want to have a more detailed essay on the history of this University and think: “Who can do my homework for me at a more favourable price?”, you should definitely write us.

It is essential to mention that this University is extremely proud of some famous graduates and professors. We have made up the list of the most well-known personalities:

  • John Forbes Nash (attained the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, became the subject of A Beautiful Mind);
  • John L. Hall (in 2005 was awarded with Nobel Prize in Physics);
  • Clifford Shull (in 1994 received Nobel Prize in Physics);
  • Raoul Bott (won Wolf Prize in Mathematics in 2000, received National Medal of Science in Mathematical, Statistical, and Computer Sciences in 1987);
  • Vasili Kuznetsov (Soviet political figure);
  • John Pople (Professor 1964–1993, won Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 1992);
  • Clinton Davisson (Professor, won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1937).

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The information on Carnegie Mellon University nowadays

Today Carnegie Mellon University conducts researches in spheres of science, technology, innovations, IT-technologies, artificial intelligence, robotic technology. It also provides education in spheres of Management, Linguistics and Economics. The University has strong partnership with IBM and other famous companies. It also conducts many international projects. There are not so many students: only around 12 thousands. The main campus of the University is situated only 5 km away from the downtown of Pittsburgh. It abuts on the campus of University of Pittsburgh. It gives its student one of the best levels of education in Technology, Business, Economics, Design, Psychology, Entertainment technologies, Social and Administrative science, Art, etc. It ranks the 23rd place in the rating of US News and World Report in 2010. Times Higher Education magazine considers this University to be the 20th in its rating. The quality of teaching in this University is one of the highest in the world. In addition, dormitory, library, exchange programs and financial help for students are available. It is interesting enough that 41 per cent of students are represented by international students. It is worth being mentioned that Carnegie Mellon University is a member of Association of American Universities, Association of Independent Technological Universities, Oak Ridge Associated Universities and National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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Are you already interested in this university? Then you should know something about the process of admission and enrollment. In order to become a student of Carnegie Mellon University you should pass SAT or ACT. If you are an international student, you should also provide TOEFL or IELTS certificates. Your school grades will be considered as well.

You must be already waiting for romantic and full of adventures student life. So we also want to tell you about traditions and life of students in Carnegie Mellon University. The University can boast of 225 student organizations and art galleries. It also has numerous traditions, such as painting the Fence (which is recognized to be the most painted object in the world), Spring Carnival, annual competition Mobot, Buggy Races and many others.

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