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Smart Writers, Share Your Secrets of Time Management!

This is the request that our support agents face day in and day out together with «How to start my essay», «What figures of speech can I use in my paper» or «What arguments should I choose for my argumentative essay on euthanasia» ( Can you believe that the answer to any of these questions can be found in our blog section? Not to change our habit to post the helpful articles for you, we decided to discuss this urgent issue too on one of our posts. However, the professional writers are sure that it was already said much about time management hints and secrets, therefore, we’ve dug deeper and are ready to present you the valuable advice on how you can stop wasting your life on procrastination, and start doing to be on time everywhere.

1. Check out on what do you spend much of your time. Determining the root causes of the problem is the first step to its solution, believe our experience. Our experienced grammar check service recommends you to write on a piece of paper how much time per day you spend on «viral» activities such as social networks, television, computer games, phone conversations (yes, yes, gossiping isn’t a proper time passage), etc. Perhaps you will be surprised because most of us do not even notice how much time they waste every day. However, in most cases, a person suspects that he or she is wasting the time but to know it for sure become a kind of kick in the pants encouraging changing the situation for better.

2. Make a schedule for the upcoming week. Perhaps, you won’t be surprised by the fact that numerous businessmen keep a diary, making notes about upcoming business, as it’s obvious that even the most talented person can’t bear in mind the numerous tasks and abundance of information, what is more, it can even backfire. The same is with your short and long-term goals ( Hence, keeping a diary is a very useful thing, because, thanks to a clear plan of action, you become a more disciplined person. One more advice from this point is not to ignore all kinds of to-do lists, they will help you be more organized as well, and track your progress in addition.

3. Turn a food consumption into a ritual. The majority of people used to watch or text something, scroll a news feed having a meal but usually, these processes during the breakfast, lunch, or dinner only prolong them for at least 15 minutes. What is more, it prevents you from concentrating on the food taste and smell that can lead to some nourishment problems, therefore, it’s high time to put aside the devices you’re used to and start enjoying the meal without the disturbers.

4. Stop being lazy. It’s easier said than done, however, at least try your best to implement this idea.  Develop your personality, learn new languages, draw, take up jogging or go to the gym, you can choose everything that you like. Plan your free hours as well so that you haven’t time for laying on the bed, as our experts know for sure that the longer you do nothing, the harder is to overcome this state and start acting.

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5. Take a day off without a guilty conscience. Make sure you don’t prone to extremes and arrange yourself a day off once a week that may be spent however you want (nevertheless, watching TV series the whole day, or laying on the bed aren’t allowed). So, your day off can be spent almost however you want, the essential is that you will unwind and forget about the study routine.

6. Leave nothing for tomorrow, which can be done today. Oh, how popular this saying is, and how sick and tired you are from hearing it again and again. However, like it or not, it is true. No matter how hard should you try, do what you need today, in spite of laziness, lack of desire and mood. Tomorrow you will thank yourself for it, really. You can’t even imagine how many times some of our writers, editors, or grammar proofreader with great experience bring themselves together to finish the paper today not to leave it for tomorrow, and how happy they are the next day, as they wake up with a clear conscience and can devote the day to their nearest and dearest.

7. Read a couple of good books on timing. The well-experienced authors of such books reveal the secrets that can increase the productivity of your study and save time. However, it’s better to remember that every tip you take should be analyzed by you twice before applying it in the real life.

8. Eliminate multitasking. We aren’t Jules Cesar, exactly that’s why in most cases we have no need for managing a few assignments or tasks at the same time. Such a habit will not lead to anything good. It will be difficult for you to do several things at once, while the quality of your work will definitely suffer. The smart writers here and in other our post stand against the multitasking, as we know for sure it has a negative effect on a human brain.

9. Start with the most difficult tasks. You need to do the most difficult and unpleasant for you things in the morning so that the rest of the day you can spend on something that will be easier.  In addition, you won’t have a pretext for constantly tormenting yourself with thoughts about an unimplemented and complex task, and stop delaying the study process.

10. Learn to say «No». No matter how polite person you are, do not take on other people's problems. You have your own. Are they already solved? No? Why do you need the additional problem then that even aren’t yours? In addition, if you have a serious lack of time, why reduce the productivity of your own work even more? To help a friend is a good thing, but not at the expense of your study time.

11. Train your time management skills. This point is connected with the seventh, so, if the books are enough to improve your time management skills, the experts in this sphere will help you to allocate your time, setting the right priorities, and eliminating unnecessary things that consume your time as well. You will be taught how to manage time and improve productivity without too much expense. Nevertheless, take the choosing of such training seriously, as there are a lot of frauds ready to take your money without giving you nothing in return.

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