Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird: What Do People Value Today?


Let’s do analysis “To kill a mockingbird” in an essay

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The modern world hasn’t changed much. Concepts, values remain the same. In the twentieth century, when the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" was published, people paid attention to appearance and judged them in this way. I understood that having read the book "Kill a Mockingbird", which was published in the twentieth century. Today, people also value a person by their clothes and figure. Few people pay attention to the thoughts and views on life person. We want to see the beautiful appearance. And we don’t care about his/her actions and goals in life. Some will determine their attitude to a person only having talked with him. We learn someone for a certain period of time when we study his/her views on life and goals. Someone appreciates figure firstly, others cute face and only a few appreciate intellect. What am I leading to? On the example of the book, I want to show how it is unfair to treat an innocent person only because of the dark color of the skin. The author set the goal of creating a novel in which the unfair treatment of black people is revealed. Lee Harper – is an American writer, who managed to write a novel that became known to the whole world. Most importantly, the problems that she told have spread throughout the world. Many thought about the specific situation with the black people and changed their minds, which Lee Harper definitely was happy about. Let's talk in details about the plot. The events of the whole novel develop around an ordinary family. The family consists of father Atticus and two children - Jim and Gina. Their mother, unfortunately, died a few years ago. The events unfold around the boy who lived next door and never left the house. Some said that he committed a crime and therefore his father didn’t let him out of the house. Others claimed that the boy had an unbalanced character. Curious children watched his house and were interested in the boy. But the strange guy who frightened everyone wasn’t scary, he was kind and generous. He left gifts for his friends in a hollow tree near their house. As we see, the events unfold around a guy whom nobody has seen, but has already earned a negative attitude towards himself. Yes, the main characters don’t know what Arthur Radley looks like, but they call him "scary." Children don’t communicate and don’t walk with Arthur. Maybe he isn’t a bad guy, he is kind and cheerful. But anyone wants to know what kind of person he is. Children came up with the image of "scarecrows" (as they called Arthur) and they are not interested in "real" Arthur. They want to believe in horror stories than to know the real fact. But for children this is forgivable, but for adults not. Adults, having some experience and knowledge, should analyze the situation and give it an adequate assessment. If there were adults in place of children, I can say with certainty that their attitude would be similar. People despise those who don’t leave the house and don’t communicate with people. They come up with stupid versions. Without knowing the truth, we make false conclusions and we have the false opinion about people. This is sad and unfair.

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 What about racism in to kill a mockingbird essay

Racism manifests itself in the second part of the novel. Atticus - the father and head of the family undertakes the Robenson case. One of the main characters is accused of raping a girl. This is a black man Tom. Atticus is his lawyer. He has proof of the innocence of this guy, but people don’t care. They also have a bad attitude towards Atticus because he defends the black man. The book was published in 1960. It was the year of rage conflicts, associated with the race. Lee Harper was definitely on the black side. She didn’t understand why people have so bad attitude towards them. People can’t judge a person only by their appearance. In our case, the crowd not only harmed Tom but broke his life. Why innocent Tom have to sit in prison and serve a sentence for another person? This is at least unfair. The title of the novel tells us about the murder of the fate of the innocent man - Tom. Mockingbird is a bird that is not a predator, it pecks berries and sings songs. We can hurt honest and harmless people. We don’t think about real facts and don’t want to analyze the situation. But fortunately, not everybody does so. Atticus knows about Tom's innocence and defenses him. All other begin to treat him badly and call him "black-faced". But Atticus continues to protect the innocent. He doesn’t stop. But as it turns out, the crowd is stronger than him. Insults and humiliations didn’t stop. Moreover, at the end of the novel, when the lawyer proved Tom's innocence, the jury still condemned him.

Appearance has always played a big role in people's lives. We are paying attention to a beautiful face and lovely eyes firstly. Acts and views on life are ignored. Arthur and Tom are the main characters, completely innocent people. The society was very cruel to them. Unfair attitude towards the guys led to terrible consequences.

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