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In general, the cultural phenomena react vividly on every social problem and reflect the processes happening in the society. If you want to reveal the current political and social situation of the country, you need just to review the literature creations of a certain time, if you have a desire to sort out. Otherwise, you can just order an essay on American history for example, carefully composed by our professional online writing service.

What will you remember if somebody asks you about one of the greatest social problems of the USA? Probably it will be a racism as this negative phenomenon took root in the American society long ago. Read more about racism:  

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In a few words, racism can be defined as a strong belief that one race is superior to others. In the history of humanity, 17th century brought the terrible habit to have slaves from African continent, kidnapped from their native lands and brought in the houses of Americans just because of their different skin color. The matter was that the Americans, as a new-formed nation, thought they were superior and even didn’t consider the African people having rights. The masters, who bought African slaves, forced them to work on the plantation and they weren’t paid at all! Can you imagine in our 21st century, that you will work without payment? Fortunately, if you have the same situation, nowadays there are a lot of special organizations called labor unions, which will defend your rights, but at the 17th century African slaves hadn’t such opportunity and the only way for them not to be starved to death or tortured by masters was to submit the destiny and work. You can argue and said that they could always run away, but the problem was that the slave’s escape was a felony and chasing a slave with hunter dogs a favorite «entertainment» for majority of masters. So, the escapee was punished roughly and thousands of slaves were terrorized by the cruel stories about it.

The starting point for pure Africans was election of Abraham Lincoln as a president of America, as he was strongly spoke out against the slavery. All in all, the president tried to abolish slavery, but there were people who didn’t like this initiative of Lincoln, so the country was divided in to parts – North (stands for abolition of slavery) and South (who were against this decision). The opposition of two forces leaded to the Civil War between armies of North and Confederates (South). Thankfully to the Lincoln, the North won and all Africans were free, but it was only start of their own civil rights’ struggle, as after the emancipation, African-American people faced the racism for hundreds of years. So their victory was rather formal, as the armies sent on the South part of the United States to defeat the Afro-Americans from cruel attitude of yesterday’s masters. Got interested in the America Civil War? Our best online writing team has prepared an American Civil War essay to enlarge your knowledge!

During the World War II, the Afro-Americans got the chance to join the army and serve their country, but even here they also faced the discrimination as they formed only so-called Black units, that, furthermore, were a kind of cannon fodder or a main attack force, and only after Black units the White ones launched the attack.

After the World War, Afro-Americans felt more confident and started to believe in changes for better. But there were still a lot to do, as the Africans still had elementary rights, so the civil rights movement started to emerge. Struggling for better living, the Africans were not allowed to visit the same places as White people, they hadn’t a right to vote, all in all, they weren’t even seemed to treat equally. It is believed, that one of the first premises of this movement was a refuse of Afro-American woman in Alabama to give her seat in a bus to white person, as it was established in the society of that time. So, Rosa Parks, standing up for what she believed in, gave a paragon for other Afro-Americans and sparkled civil rights movement this way. 

The other leader of black history in USA is Martin Luther King (don’t confuse him with another Martin Luther, initiator of Reformation), key figure in the history of race relationships and the first huge success of Afro-Americans civil rights movement. Activity, started by him, peaked in 2008, after Obama reached the presidency and became the first black president of the United States. This Barack Obama essay paper will help you to learn more.

  But their civil rights movement started to have an opponent: in the second half of 19th century notorious Ku Klux Klan emerged and began to terrorize Afro-Americans. They not only attacked the Blacks, but also Whites who sympathized them, so seeing the wooden cross on fire in your garden was a terrifying sign, that Ku Klux Klan determined to declare its position.

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All in all, nowadays many things do change, but unfortunately the racism still exists. The main question is: can we reach the total equality or it’s a kind of utopia? Despite all the nasty facts of American Black history, Afro-Americans have finally reached their identity and now are cohesive more as ever. Their culture including such music genres as rap, R&B and jazz, their national dances, graffiti, what is more their slang and gestures – all of this are top popular and have a lot of great admirers all over the world. Even the facts of white oppression by the Afro-Americans is emerging and starts to spread as they consider themselves as a minority and don’t hesitate using all their rights, sometimes even in twisted way. The law of the USA declares the crimes committed against Afro-American as the crimes based on a race-hate and judges it severely, but in the meantime the same crime against the white person is almost nothing and isn’t worth an attention of Tribunal. So we are the witnesses of a double standard’s appearance, on the background of increasing tolerance tendency.

Speaking about the artistic reflection of this social problem, the art history knows a lot of creation, which address to the theme of racism, for example even such well-known tragedy of William Shakespeare «Othello» (for those who want to know more, you are welcome to read racism in Othello essay).

Taking the cinema creations, one of the greatest films, emphasizing the racism facts in the USA is believed to be an «American history X», where such talented actors as Edward Norton, Edward Furlong and Fairuza Balk are shot. The story about two brothers, engaged to a neo-Nazi movement, is must watch for everybody whether you’d like to figure out in the pretext of racism or just to spend usefully your spare time. So, our essay writer service online strongly recommends you to watch this masterpiece of cinema.

To conclude with, all we should remember is that the hate toward one or another nation or considering one to be superior just because of his skin color can lead to the fatal consequences. So if one day you catch yourself on the judging somebody by racial or ethnic characteristics, just remember the Holocaust, which is the greatest tragedy of mankind, and develop in yourself a tolerance and multiculturalism.

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