Top 20 Crime Books Of All Time


The central point of discussion in a detective story is the process of investigation of the mysterious incident. The main character’s purpose is to inquire into the circumstances of its mysteries and to solve a riddle. Typically, this incident appears as a crime; thus, the story usually describes the struggle between justice and lawlessness that usually ends with the victory of justice. Dear readers, our online essay writing service tries to find different ways to kindle your interest, ...Continue reading

A Long Way Gone Essay: Fiction or Reality?


The novel of young Ishmael Beah terrifies readers for 10 years. Why? Living in this world full of wars, people don’t really know what it seems till they see in real the reality of opposition. Every human being indwelling in his peaceful land doesn’t even understand this nightmare. That’s why the ex-enlisted Ishmael Beah decided to display the real situation. The writing entitled A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier shocked audience. He gave the real description of armed ...Continue reading

Charles Darwin Essay: What You Should Know About His Theory


Charles Darwin is a world-wide known scientist. There is no doubt that every educated person knows his name and is able to tell about his scientific achievements. Besides, he is a famous British naturalist and traveler. He was also the first researcher, who came to the conclusion that all species of living creatures evolve and develop all the time and have common ancestor. This theory, which is mainly known as Darwinism or a Theory of Evolution, remains the most important in contemporary ...Continue reading

Need Essay Writer Online? We Are Here to Help You


For many young people, becoming a student of a college or university is a crucial point of their life. First of all, it is prestigious as it means that they are smart enough to continue their studies after finishing school. Also their whole family, their parents and friends will be proud of them as graduating from university these young people will have much more opportunities in getting better paid job, making good career and achieving more success in life in comparison with those who go to ...Continue reading

Archetype Essay: Types of People by C. Jung


Carl Gustav Jung was the most outstanding person among Freud's colleges. Like Freud, Jung devoted himself to the study of the dynamic unconscious drives on human behavior and experience. However, unlike the first, Jung argued that the unconscious content is more than the repressed sexual and aggressive impulses. In this archetype essay we’ll dwell on this more precisely. According to Jung's personality theory, known as analytical psychology, individuals are motivated by intrapsychic ...Continue reading

Global Warming Argumentative Essay


Hello, dear Reader! We are glad to present you our new article about global warming essay. Today we will discuss all the difficulties of the problem. We are the best from essay writing services, and we provide the best papers on the Internet. You may examine our previous post “Charles Darwin Essay: What You Should Know About His Theory”: More than a decade in the center of world community's ...Continue reading

Future Goals Essay: Is It Essential To Set Life Goals


Many people are convinced that setting goals is pretty important for our future, for getting education, for job prospects, for achieving success in every sphere of our life and for achieving any wishful aim. It is usually said that setting goals and ability to achieve them is one of the most significant features of great leaders. Therefore writing future goals essay is a really popular task among school teachers and college professors. Of course, there is no doubt that this kind of essay is ...Continue reading

Essay On Ancient Greece: Mystique And Grandeur


Ancient Greece is an antique civilization belonging to a period from the Greek Dark Ages to the 5th century BC. The culture of Ancient Greece is considered a base of modern human civilization. The period of Greek culture between the 4th and the 5th centuries BC is generally accepted as the most flourishing. It is usually called Classical Greece. If you are looking for the additional information about ancient Greek essay, feel free to use our professional writing services. Ancient Greece was ...Continue reading

Racism In America Essay: Features And Problems


Racism is defined as the discrimination based on physical and mental inequality of human races. The racist philosophy frequently contains the concept that people can be subdivided into separate groups defined by the disparity in their social features; they are supposed to be inferior and superior. Racism can be described as a great problem of modern society, though it is politically unacceptable. However, these racist prejudices can be expressed in a covert way. If you are interested in essays ...Continue reading

Legalization Of Marijuana Pros And Cons Essay


Hello, dear Reader of our Blog!  Today we are going to discuss a very important problem in a modern society. Everybody has faces marijuana at least once, when somebody offered to try it. Not it is a big issue, because smoking cannabis has pros and cons. And as a result, many students and pupils constantly get tasks to write essays on marijuana. We may assume that you are not an exception. When people speak about such drugs as marijuana and cannabis, they mean the same medicine. When we ...Continue reading