Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay: Inhuman Phenomenon


Domestic violence is expressed in repeating abuse of a partner or a relative against the other one, primarily in family relations. It can be expressed in the forms of physical, psychological, sexual and economic abuse. Domestic violence frequently comes with child abuse and animal cruelty. This violence does not depend on homosexuality: it can happen both in same-sex and heterosexual marriages. Legislative penalties for domestic violence are various in different states, and almost all Western ...Continue reading

Agricultural Revolution Essays: The Progress Of Humanity


Agriculture is a branch of economics intended to provide the population with food and to get primary products for other branches of industry. This branch is considered one of the most important; about a billion of the world population is involved in agriculture. The rise of agriculture is connected to the Neolithic revolution in means of production that led to the uprising of productive economy and further development of civilization. The United States and countries of EU are the world leaders ...Continue reading

Lung Cancer Essay: An Awful Health Problem


Lung cancer is a disease characterized by a malignant tumor that affects lung cells and tissues. The growth of lung cells can spread as metastasis into nearby parts of the organism. Depending on the place of onset, carcinoma of lung is subdivided in:- central- peripheral- mixedThis disease is a serious medicinal and social problem; it is one of the most detected malignant tumors in the developed countries, and it often becomes the cause of death of oncologic patients. If you want to get ...Continue reading

Online Essay Help –Best Option For Your Writing


At all times being a student is associated with certain difficulties, one of which is writing academic papers during all period of studying. Some talented learners meet no problems making a good research at any given subject but for others working on an essay or an assignment can be really a disaster. For such students there is a saving solution – to get essay help online. If you don’t have spare time for writing a college paper or you don’t feel like you are gifted enough to ...Continue reading

The American Civil War Essay: Causes and Results


The American Civil War is a war of the Union of 24 states against 11 Southern slave states that lasted for four years. During these four years, about two thousand minor and great battles occurred. Eleven Southern slave states claimed that slavery would never disappear from their territory, and they decided to establish their own Confederation of States. In 1861, the bloodiest war in the US history began. The number of victims is higher than in two World Wars taken together. The American Civil ...Continue reading

Essay On Benjamin Franklin: Honor of The USA


Benjamin Franklin, a prominent civic leader in the USA, is also known for his achievements in the fields of science, inventive activities, journalistic, publishing and diplomacy. Benjamin is one of the founding figures who affixed his signature under three very important historical documents that were the basis of the formation of the USA as an independent state: - the Declaration of Independence - the Constitution - the Treaty of Paris in 1783. Essay on Benjamin Franklin and other ...Continue reading

To Be Or Not To Be. School Uniform Essay


Hello, dear reader of our blog! Today the team of custom writing service will discuss the problem of school uniform. In the previous article we have discussed academic dishonesty essay. The official style is a mode of dress. It is close to conservative style and submits to fashion a little. A formal suit has to be strict, reserved and simple. At schools, however, this concept became very indistinct. And what belongs to business style according to children, sometimes it is even better not to put ...Continue reading

Essays On Othello: The Great Example of Tragedy


Othello is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The basis of this tragedy is the work written by Italian author about fifty years before. There are four main characters in the story: - the moor (Othello) - the moor’s wife (Desdemona) - Cassio - Iago Nowadays this tragedy is still staged in many theaters of the world, and it also became the basis for several films and literary works. If you like our essays on Othello and want to get your essay on another topic, feel free to contact custom ...Continue reading

Essay On Basketball: The Sport Of Two Hoops


Basketball is a team sport game that is played by ten players divided in two teams. The number of field players is five, and there is no limit in substitutions. The whole number of players in a team amounts to twelve. The purpose of each opponent is to drain a basket of an opposite team as well as to hinder the other team to gather the ball and drain a basket. If our basketball essay attracts you, fell free to visit one of the best essay writing services. This game was invented by a college ...Continue reading

Aldous Huxley Essays: An Outstanding Writer


Aldous Leonard Huxley was a famous English writer. He also had success in the sphere of philosophy. The dystopian novel Brave New World is known as one of his prominent works. He subscribed to humanism and pacifism as well as satire. In addition, Huxley was concerned with mental spheres such as universalism, mysticism, and metapsychology. The writer was a nominee for the literary prizes several times in his lifetime. If you feel desire to learn new information, check our Aldous Huxley essays ...Continue reading