Legalization Of Marijuana Pros And Cons Essay


Hello, dear Reader of our Blog!  Today we are going to discuss a very important problem in a modern society. Everybody has faces marijuana at least once, when somebody offered to try it. Not it is a big issue, because smoking cannabis has pros and cons. And as a result, many students and pupils constantly get tasks to write essays on marijuana. We may assume that you are not an exception.

When people speak about such drugs as marijuana and cannabis, they mean the same medicine. When we speak about botany, about plants, the word "cannabis" is usually used. Cannabis is the sort of the flowering plants including three main subvarieties: Cannabis sativa/ indica/ ruderalis.

All three types came from the southern and Central Asia. Hemp was used for production of fiber and threads, oil, seeds, for treatment and for purposes of the recreation during hundreds of years.

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This article is generally devoted to medical and recreation (for rest and entertainment) aspects of hemp.

The word "Marijuana"

The word marijuana, in its present meaning, has come from the Mexican Spanish. The word extended over other Spanish-speaking countries, and then appeared in English and other languages. The word marijuana consists of the words "Maria" and "Juana".

Nevertheless, the Oxford dictionary of English language says that the word originates from language "Nahuatl". Indians of a nau of Mexico speak this language. The word means "prisoner" from this language. Though, not all linguists support such version. The same dictionary says that the term "marijuana" came into the use in English language at the end of the 19th century.

What is hemp as a narcotic?

Narcotic - cannabis is received from hemp of the sort Sativa or Cannabis indica. The plant is congenerous to hop (Humulus lupulus) and a neetle (Urtica gen.). Wild hemp grows in many parts of the world.

As the recreational narcotic, cannabis can be used in various forms, including:

• dried-up plant (grass)

• pitches

• powder

• oils

It is a sensitive issue for the discussions which last not years, but the whole centuries. Actually restriction of sale of marijuana has begun in the sixteenth century. Though immensely many things have been made, this question still remains a problem not only for national but also world legislators. Legalization and prohibition of marijuana in some countries complicates the solution of this question even more.

Some governments want to legalize this medicine for use only in the medical purposes whereas others want to legalize it only for entertainment. Nevertheless, other countries consider that marijuana shall be legalized without restrictions. Here is a set of the real reasons why this medicine needs to be legalized around the world. You may use them when writing your legalization of marijuana pros and cons essay.

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Hemp legalization - Arguments pro:

1. We may use Marijuana for the medical purposes

For many years marijuana is applied to help different people suffering different hard diseases, in particular, the cancer patient. Patients                ill with cancer for their treatment won't need to go to the states in which marijuana is resolved, it will improve their life and will allow feeling better. As marijuana has a bad brand, many patients will not buy and use it because of the fear. Besides, legalization of marijuana will let  sick people  to buy and use it freely for the medical purposes without going on different tricks. The advantage of marijuana in improvement of health was proved not only at patients with hard cancer.

2. Quieter travel

If the person lives in the state in which marijuana is allowed for use in the medical or entertaining purposes, he won't be afraid of arrest until he goes to other countries. Legalization of marijuana will allow going safely with marijuana without any worries. As well as, personal freedom is very important. The right to decide has to belong to the person, but not the state. If actions of the person don't make harm to other people, then the government shouldn't order him - to do something or not.

3. Marijuana is safer than vodka, beer and other terrible drugs

Alcohol intake and prescription of drugs claims every year more than 200000 lives whereas marijuana is safe in use, its reception won't kill you. Marijuana can become harmful only if excessive use takes place.

4. Legal sale can help youth

Marijuana is used by more than 25 million people annually and this quantity grows every year, in particular, growth among teenagers and youth is noticed. Illegally buying marijuana teenagers can get access to more harmful and forbidden drugs. Legalization of marijuana will fix this dangerous problem.

5. Economy of legal costs

Every day policemen arrest hundreds people for using or possession of marijuana that leads to overfilling of courts and excessive legal costs. Legalization of marijuana will help legal costs and will give to judges the chance to be engaged closely in more important legal cases.

6. Release of the crowded prisons

Our prisons are overflowed by the prisoners arrested because of marijuana. Keeping of such prisoners costs taxpayers in round amount of money. Besides, additional resources constantly are required for building new and more capacious prisons for accommodation of these prisoners.

7. Marijuana as additional source of the income

The income is always important for any city, region or country. Marijuana is the biggest sowing culture and its legalization will give the chance to create more workplaces in the state or the country. More workplaces mean more income that any economy needs. Just think of taxes which can be collected from marijuana sale. Such big income can be extremely useful to payment of many state programs. Legalization of marijuana will allow to improve the income of your country and to help its citizens.

All the argument you have just read should be mentioned, if you are writing a marijuana legalization persuasive essay.  As well as there is an euthanasia persuasive essay in our blog. You may kindly read it!

Hemp legalization - Arguments against:

1. Long-term effects of cannabis.

As the fact that marijuana isn't legalized, it is almost impossible to conduct the big population researches confirming harm of the hemp use. Several researches during the last years have shown that the long use of marijuana increases risk of development of serious mental diseases, such as schizophrenia (psychosis) and depressions.

2. Slippery slope.

 Marijuana, as a rule, is the first step on the way to other, stronger drugs. A significant amount of heroin or cocaine addicts began their way with marijuana. Having legitimized marijuana, more and more people will take this slippery slope. Now illegal status of marijuana keeps many from hemp smoking. Many people just don't want to break the law.

3. The road accidents.

It was proved that people within three hours after smoking marijuana have much higher risk to have an accident, driving a car. In this sphere there is already rather big problem with alcohol. Marijuana legalization will only increase the number of road accident. An argument - "People already use marijuana, so what is the difference?" doesn't work here. If marijuana is legal, many "law-abiding" citizens in intoxication from marijuana will get into the car and to have accidents.

4. Children.

If marijuana is legalized, more children will use it.

5. Drug abuse.

In case of the legal status of marijuana population narcotization level across the nation will increase for sure. The population which was earlier taking only alcohol and not consuming marijuana because of its illegal status can begin joint alcohol intake and cannabis.

6. Our culture.

This argument belongs generally to the western culture. Alcohol is a part of our culture throughout the millennia, marijuana is not a part of it. Alcohol has already created rather serious problems for society. Addition of one more drug into our life isn't the good idea.

All these arguments cons should be used in marijuana should not be legalized essay.

What is the conclusion?

Marijuana gives such feelings as: rapid heart palpitation, deterioration in coordination of movements and sense of equilibrium, and also a pensive, irreal condition of mind - the culmination takes place within the first 30 minutes after drug reception. Then, as time goes, marijuana gives the lesser effect, and these influences, short on time, gradually come to naught within 2-3 hours, but it can last more, depending on that how many drug has been taken, capacities of TGC and presence at narcotic mix of other drugs.

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When person smoke marijuana, he get more smoke and save it in his lungs longer than usual, than when smoking a usual cigarette, this in itself does a great harm to lungs. Besides discomfort which is created by a sore throat and breast pain, the scientists revealed that smoking of one "amp joint" threatens with extractives causing cancer, chemicals in the same quantity as though five usual cigarettes have been smoked. Marijuana leads to serious consequences in cogitative activity of the person. The smoker of marijuana has weaker memory and mental capacities in comparison with those who don't smoke marijuana. Structural injury of a brain was observed at animals who, according to researches, were given marijuana.

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Marijuana is heart acceleration, disorientation, deterioration in coordination of movements, depression and drowsiness. Some feel panic and frustration. Marijuana isn't so simple as it seems and the problem isn't limited to it. Active ingredient of hemp of TGC is laid in fatty cells and organs, such as a brain, genitals (testicles and ovaries), the spleen, a liver and lungs, and unfortunately it can't be brought out of an organism in blood or urine.

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Drugs including marijuana, in fact, are poisons. The effect depends on the taken quantity.

Marijuana in a small amount makes the stimulating impact (activity increase). Marijuana in bigger quantity works as sedative substance (activity suppression). In a bigger quantity, marijuana, works as poison and can lead to a lethal outcome.  It is true concerning any drug, whether it is marijuana or something else. Only the quantity demanded for achievement of any effect differs.

Marijuana possesses one more side effect: marijuana influences directly the mind. Intensifying incidents from the past of the person at the level lower than his understanding, marijuana can break adequacy of perception of the world surrounding him. As a result actions of the person become strange, irrational, inappropriate to circumstances and even destructive.

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Marijuana blocks all feelings, replacing desirable with undesirable. So, along with the fact that marijuana renders temporary relief of pain and sufferings, marijuana also reduces abilities of the person, vigilance and obscure consciousness. The long use of drugs deprives life of pleasures and joy which and are the reason to live. Eventually, the person appears before the choice: drugs and death or life without drugs. Marijuana is a drug. That should be a conclusion for your marijuana argumentative essay.

Whatever terrifying are consequences of the use of drugs whatever desperate the situation seems for the addict, the decision exists, and if to look more widely, in war with drugs we could win!

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