Continuity and Change over Time Essay: Key Points


Our essays writer has noticed, that from our childhood we were prepared to accept the idea of evolution, they said that everything in this world is in constant movement, that the mankind is becoming better and better and that we are about to build an ideal society where every person is physically and mentally strong, has strict moral principles and self-direction necessarily. The history lessons are the best illustration of promotion the evolution idea as you started the study of human history ...Continue reading

Agree or Disagree Essay Writing Tips


Since the ancient times, it is known that controversy serves the cause of truth, but have you thought much about why this aphorism became so popular? Our writing service gave a try to figure out the nature of this statement widely used even in the 21st century. Can you remember the basic dispute of the philosophy about what was the first: the material or the spiritual, started in the ancient Greece between two great philosophers Aristotle and Plato, who studied critically almost all spheres of ...Continue reading

Self Reflective Essay: How to Deal With It


While studying at school or university, I bet every person faced with the problem of essay writing, namely the difficulties with defining a main idea or building a logical plan of your paper work, and our proficient writing team isn’t a great exception. If we are talking about a variety of different social, literary themes or even a storytelling, usually it wouldn’t be a great problem for a pupil or student to compose a satisfactory essay, which will pleased a teacher or professor, ...Continue reading

Goals and Aspirations Essay: How to Get What You Want


The actual questions of choosing the occupation and life purpose are touched by our writing experts in this career aspirations essay in order to facilitate you this hard decision. For each person there is that particular moment of life, where he or she needs to make a difficult life choice, to set priorities and to determine not only what he wants to do in his/her life, but also make sure that this desire won’t run counter his/her abilities and skills. I don't hesitate to name this ...Continue reading

Essay on Censorship: Is It Possible to Oppress Free Speech?


Nowadays with the huge Internet development it’s hard to imagine how a person or a group of people can control and screen out the flow of information, but nevertheless they keep trying. Who need to control the info people get and what is a main objective of such desire have tried to reveal in this censorship essay our online writing team. Firstly, I’m sure everyone understands more or less such notion like «censorship», but we still need to give an appropriate definition. ...Continue reading

Asthma Essay: Is It Possible To Cure This Disease


Asthma is a chronic disease, which affects airways of lungs. It is also known as Asthma Bronchiale. It is quite interesting that this word has Greek origin and is translated as anhelation or hard breath. You may run into this word even in some Homer’s poems. Hippocrates was the first physician to describe asthma in details. However, scientists and physicians did not pay much attention to this disease till the 18th century. They didn’t think that these asphyxiation attacks were the ...Continue reading

Child Abuse Essay: Forms and Impact of Violence


Physical abuse means doing physical injury to a child, inflicting various bodily harm that causes damage to a child's health, disturbs his/her development and puts to death. It includes beatings, torture, shaking in the form of strokes, slapping, burning with hot objects, liquids, lighted cigarettes, bites and using a variety of objects as instruments of cruelty. In this essay on child abuse we will have a look at the consequences that affect children in the result of abuse. Physical abuse ...Continue reading

James Baldwin Essays And His Lifework “Notes of Native Son”


Many years ago the lack of information was a common practice. People got knowledge from books, magazines and articles. Not everyone could afford buying it. Nowadays the situation is completely different. Today you can observe biography; works and articles on various topics, you just only have an access to Internet.  Besides, you don’t have to look for information, systematize and structure it. If you make an order our website experts will provide you with essays and other kinds of ...Continue reading

The Best Day of My Life Essay: Secret of Happiness


What will you remember when somebody asks you about the best day of your life? Maybe you will be confused as there are too many days which made you happy and it’s difficult to choose one, maybe you will be confused because of realizing, that in fact nothing happens with you. In any case you will be confused as it only seems to be easy to name the best day of your life, especially when you was told to write an essay, but nothing comes to mind. For those, who don’t want to spend their ...Continue reading

The Black Death Essay: The Scourge of Europe


We are lucky enough to be born in the age of medical care and insurance, when almost every disease can be cured, we have a hope for better at least. Even in the worst situations, we expect new meds and medical treatment’s methods to be discovered as it is possible due to the science development. Curious about medicine? Read an informative essay about cancer research. So, if you catch yourself complaining about medical services, doctors who seem to be indifferent or high costs of ...Continue reading