Essay On The Catcher In The Rye: Classical American Novel


The Catcher in The Rye is an outstanding novel written by American author Jerome David Salinger in 1951. Of course, every pupil and student is familiar with this masterpiece. The Catcher in the Rye reveals the subject of teenager problems, views and thoughts. That’s why teachers and professors often tell their students read this novel, because they are convinced that reading and analyzing of the novel will be beneficial for young generation development. Consequently, they usually give ...Continue reading

Essay On Barack Obama: Achievements And Failures


Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. In 2009, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Before he became the executive head of the nation, Obama was a federal senator who represented Illinois. He is the first Afro-American slated for the Presidency of the USA. Nowadays Barak is called one of the most popular characters in the world politics. He was married to his wife, Michelle, in 1992, and now they still live together. Barak is the father of two daughters. Our custom ...Continue reading

Terrible Disease In Our Life - Alcoholism Essay


It has so developed that narcologists and the population have not absolutely coinciding views of alcohol and alcoholic dependency. The first consider alcoholism the serious progressing illness with rather heavy complications and a high lethality, and the second, among whom there are many relatives alcoholics, consider their love to alcohol - banal dissoluteness. Today we, a professional team of writers and editors, will think over a plan – how to write alcohol essay. The most ...Continue reading

The Most Interesting Task Is Albert Einstein Essay


Today we, the team of professional writers and editors, are going to discourse upon the Einstein personality, so then you may write your own short essay on albert Einstein. Einstein studied very badly In the childhood the famous scientist wasn't a child prodigy. Many people doubted his adequacy, and his mother even suspected congenital ugliness of her child (Einstein had a very big head). At school where future genius has proved himself to be closed, lazy, sluggish and almost not capable to ...Continue reading

Aristotle Essay: Aristotle and His Own Science of Logic


Our thinking, our minds are linked with the certain rules of life in our common usual life. All our actions is a reaction to something or someone, that is why the reaction itself is determined by the logical conclusion from the situation. Logical thinking is present in any living being. The earliest human desires such as desire for food, water and shelter caused by the primitive logic. We need to survive and live in any environment. Instinct itself is a kind of logic. Logic has served as a ...Continue reading

Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay: Inhuman Phenomenon


Domestic violence is expressed in repeating abuse of a partner or a relative against the other one, primarily in family relations. It can be expressed in the forms of physical, psychological, sexual and economic abuse. Domestic violence frequently comes with child abuse and animal cruelty. This violence does not depend on homosexuality: it can happen both in same-sex and heterosexual marriages. Legislative penalties for domestic violence are various in different states, and almost all Western ...Continue reading

Agricultural Revolution Essays: The Progress Of Humanity


Agriculture is a branch of economics intended to provide the population with food and to get primary products for other branches of industry. This branch is considered one of the most important; about a billion of the world population is involved in agriculture. The rise of agriculture is connected to the Neolithic revolution in means of production that led to the uprising of productive economy and further development of civilization. The United States and countries of EU are the world leaders ...Continue reading

Lung Cancer Essay: An Awful Health Problem


Lung cancer is a disease characterized by a malignant tumor that affects lung cells and tissues. The growth of lung cells can spread as metastasis into nearby parts of the organism. Depending on the place of onset, carcinoma of lung is subdivided in:- central- peripheral- mixedThis disease is a serious medicinal and social problem; it is one of the most detected malignant tumors in the developed countries, and it often becomes the cause of death of oncologic patients. If you want to get ...Continue reading

The American Civil War Essay: Causes and Results


The American Civil War is a war of the Union of 24 states against 11 Southern slave states that lasted for four years. During these four years, about two thousand minor and great battles occurred. Eleven Southern slave states claimed that slavery would never disappear from their territory, and they decided to establish their own Confederation of States. In 1861, the bloodiest war in the US history began. The number of victims is higher than in two World Wars taken together. The American Civil ...Continue reading

Essay On Benjamin Franklin: Honor of The USA


Benjamin Franklin, a prominent civic leader in the USA, is also known for his achievements in the fields of science, inventive activities, journalistic, publishing and diplomacy. Benjamin is one of the founding figures who affixed his signature under three very important historical documents that were the basis of the formation of the USA as an independent state: - the Declaration of Independence - the Constitution - the Treaty of Paris in 1783. Essay on Benjamin Franklin and other ...Continue reading